Interesting Cello Links


Now that we have traced the history of the creation of all of Beethoven's Cello Sonatas and listened to some excerpts, it would certainly be very interesting to find out more about the Violoncello!  For this purpose, we offer you several interesting links and wish you lots of enjoyment with them!

In the event that you have been stimulated by our selection to pursue this topic further, you can do so right here with the search engines of Encyclopedia Britannica (for more concise searches) and Google Safe Search (for quick, yet extensive link selections).

We wish you lots of enjoyment with this, as well!

Cello Haven's Cello History and Construction
Learn more about the history and construction of this instrument

Luigi Boccherini

Great Cellists of the Past
Learn more about great cellists of the past!

Pablo Casals

Cello Haven's Biographies of Famous Cellists
Learn more about famous cellists of the 20th century and of today!

Internet Cello Society
The Website of the Internet Cello Society with many links and a great deal of information!

Gregor Piatigorsky

Berühmte Cellisten
German book at Schott Music International.