As we all know, the future always holds endless possibilities. If we are to adopt this viewpoint for the development of this site, let's start with "ongoing maintenance", move to "near future projects", "mid-range" and "long-range" planning:

Ongoing Maintenance: By this we mean that we will continually update the biography pages and the picture gallery as to its present content, whenever new findings will come to light.

Near Future Projects:

  1. Addition of many 'creation histories' to the works of Beethoven;
  2. Expanding the complete works list to include cross-reference lists as to: Year of Composition; Dedication.

Mid-Range Projects:
  1. Of the Utmost Importance to us is this mid-range project: To include your input and your suggestions into our planning! So, let us hear from you and what you would want to see 'happening' here!
  2. An Overview of the Immortal Beloved issue to reflect its present research status;
  3. An Overview of the issue of Beethoven and His Nephew with respect to the established psychological findings and interpretations;
  4. A section in which the humorous aspects of Beethoven's character and life have their place, in form of 'authentic' anecdotes, quotes from his letters, pictorial material, and more;
  5. A section in which we feature original translations of Beethoven letters in chronological order.

Long-Range Projects:
  1. The addition of other composers of the "First Viennese School of Music". Here, the writer already has to admit that she has meanwhile 'gone astray' and has translated a very lovely novella from 19th century German literature, Mörike's Mozart on his Journey to Prague--perhaps we can start from there and begin to enrich our scope?
  2. The addition of other German-speaking composers of classical music; here, the writer 'comes' again from German literature and works such as Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus.