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Kant Texts in English

In our 'Ode to Joy' history, you will also come across the name of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. If you wish to explore this philosopher's works in English-language texts, we invite you to visit this site!

Joyce Maier's Beethoven Site

The following site is not 'your usual' Beethoven website, rest assured! At present, this site already contains, in the Dutch language, two components that deal with: (a) Beethoven as composer in his time and (b) With the yet unsolved Beethoven question of the 'Immortal Beloved'. As a German, I was at least able to gain a first impression of the thoroughness with which both topics are presented, would, however, not wish to misinterpret any important details or components thereof! With respect to (b), I would like to directly quote the writer of the site as follows: "Yes, but that's only a part, though, true, the beginning and the end of my quest. But "en route" I also try to "solve" the problem of Beethoven's incomprehensible behavior towards his sister-in-law and to postulate acceptable diagnoses for his liver cirrhosis and his deafness. It's really an attempt to give a portrait as complete as possible of Beethoven, man and composer." Therefore, if you read Dutch or closely related languages, you might not only 'enjoy' this site, but come back to it over and over again, to learn more about Beethoven's role as a composer in his time and about the unsolved Beethoven riddle(s), the history of research with respect to them and more.

Helmut Walther's Philosophical Pages

Raptus is pleased to be able to finally offer an expert opinion on this philosophical web site that has been published in German in the periodical "Information Philosophie" of August, 1999:

A paraphrased description of the German text indicates that the discussed web site is richly illustrated and carefully designed and that its topic is the relationship between dialect and metaphysic to the evolution of the human mind respectively how out of the neurons of the human brain, that what we call (the human) mind could emerge. According to the theory presented in the web site, dialectic and metaphysic are reported by Information Philosophie as being presented therein as the phases by means of which and as which reason was developed in the human species. It is also mentioned that some of the articles featured in this site have been published by the German philosophical periodical "Aufklärung und Kritik" of the Nuremberg Gesellschaft für Kritische Philosophie the author is close to. While you may wish to be equipped with a fairly fluent knowledge of German for some of the featured articles, some are now also available in English: "An Attempt at a Categorization of the Human Mind", "Christianity and Evolution", "The Error of Socrates", "On the Difference between Serious and Entertainment Music", "Morality and Ethics", "Faith and Reason" -- A discussion on the new encyclical letter by Pope John Paul II, "What is Metaphysic?", "The Concept of Salvation in Understanding and Reason, and the Numinous", "The Essence of Man as Reflected in Buddhism", and "The Reception of Feuerbach in Nietzsche and Wagner".

Familienforschung van Beethoven - Beethoven Family Research

Those of you who read German might appreciate the painstaking research that the owner of this German web site conducted in order to arrive at the wealth of information presented here. RAPTUS is also still in the process of becoming acquainted with all facets of this site and will certainly endeavor to report on as many details provided here as it can in our own web site. Read up here if you can and also look forward to our own further explorations!

Friedrich Nietzsche - Life and Work

A web site launched on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the German philosopher's death on August 25, 2000, this excellent site explores intricate details on his life and work. The sections Nietzsche and Music, Nietzsche and Wagner and On Nietzsche's Philosophy, which are also available in English, might provide a starting point for further investigation of other parts of the site, itself, but also of further readings on the subject.

Welcome to the Unheard Beethoven!

An excellent collection of midi files of seldom-heard Beethoven music

Great Books Online

Read major philosophers' texts online - from Aristotle to Wittgenstein and more!

Classical Midi Archives' Beethoven Midis

An extensive source of Beethoven midi files

Geree Surkus Picture Gallery

What impressed us most about this German artist is her very enchanting, engaging style. After completion of her thorough art and fashion design education, Mme. Surkus worked in such wide-ranging areas as fashion design, book illustration and art education. She also traveled extensively to broaden her range of artistic expression, to European countries such as France, Denmark, Finland, Sweden Austria, Italy and Spain, but also to Egypt, Thailand, India and Israel. Many of her works have been featured in major German art galleries and private collections. What you can do at this time is to enjoy her oeuvre, eventually express your opinion by email (English correspondence is possible), and to bookmark this site for 'further things to come'. If we are not mistaken, it is planned that some of her work might become available for purchase, as well. We invite you to explore this site and hope that you will be enriched by it.

Miscellaneous Beethoven Lieder Texts

Read and print out to your heart's delight!

Andreas' Contemporary Music Pages

If you want to gain an idea of what dedication it takes to actually 'stand behind' modern art music 100%, such dedication can be experienced in the interesting web site we invite you to not only visit but, should your interests lie in the area of contemporary modern music, begin supporting it by interacting with its host. We wish you an interesting time of lively experience at Andreas' Contemporary Pages!

Ludwig van Beethoven's Home Page

Good content and design

Nancy Bower's Musical Meanderings

For those of you who would just like to relax and visit a beautiful site, get to know some rare instruments and enjoy yourself in the process, why not visit spend some time at this site?


The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Where we hope to listen to fine music again, very soon...

The Gramophone Store in Edmonton

If you are looking for "sound advice" for your CD and audio equipment purchases a n d an online store that can deliver, too, this is the place for you, no matter from where in North America you arrived at this site

The Edmonton Symphony Players Association

The Musicians' Viewpoint...


"Take Five" at CBC Radio
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