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Friedrich Nietzsche

This general links page has two main sections:  on the one hand, we offer you interesting links with respect to those thinkers, scientists and artists that we featured in our time table, on the other hand, we offer you general links on the topic "Beethoven, Nietzsche and the Consequences", which are meant to provide you interesting information to round this topic off.  With all of these links, we wish you an interesting discovery and reading time and ask you to use the "back" button of your browser in order to return to this site.  Thank you!

 Thinkers, Scientists and Artists featured in our Time Table:

Nicholas Copernicus

 Biographical Info/Facts


Copernicus-Page of the Kopernikus-Oberschule, Berlin-Steglitz

Kopernikus in thePhilosophenlexikon

Copernicus-Contribution of the University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Bluepete Biography Page on Copernicus

Lucidcafe Library on Copernicus

Great Books Online: Copernicus

Johannes Kepler

 Biographical Info/Facts


Johannes Kepler, His Life, His Laws, His Times
Kepler Mission Home Page

Kepler Page of the Rice University

Kepler-Page of the Kepler-Universität Linz

English Kepler-Page of the University of Bonn

Great Books Online: Kepler

Giordano Bruno

 Biographical Info/Facts


Giordano Bruno Page, Rice University

Giordano Bruno, The Forgotten Philosopher
(Internet Infidels)

Giordano Bruno und die Inquisition
by Sabine Fröhlich
Universität Bremen

Giordano Bruno-Pge of the University of Bonn, German

Giordano Bruno Page of the University of Bonn, English

 Sorry, there are no texts available!

Galileo Galilei

 Biographical Info/Facts


Galileo Galilei Page of the
Institute and Museum of the History
of Science, Florence, Italy

Galileo Page of the Rice University

Galileo Page of the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Das Leben des Galileo Galilei
German Page

Galilei-Page of Museums Online, Austria

"Schmerzliches Missverständnis überwunden"
Ansprache Papst Johannes Paul II. zu Galilei, 1992

Great Books Online: Galilei

Henri Descartes

 Biographical Info/Facts


Descartes Page, St. Andrew's University, Scotland

Descartes Page, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Descartes Page, Björn's Guide to Philosophy

Philosophie-Seiten: Descartes


"Ist Descartes aktuell?" (by Hannah Markwig)
Page of the University of Karlsruhe

Great Books Online: Descartes

Baruch Spinoza

 Biographical Info/Facts


Studia Spinoziana - Englische Linkseite

Björn's Guide to Philosphy: Spinoza

Spinoza: The First Modern Pantheist

"Ethik, Recht und Politik bei Spinoza"
6. Int. Spinoza-Kongress, 2000
(Swiss Page, German)

At ther University of Hanover

Fritz Mauthner-Gesellschaft: Spinoza

Great Books Online: Spinoza

Thomas Hobbes

 Biographical Info/Facts


Internet Encyclopedia: Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes-Page
St. Andrew's University, Scotland

Björn's Guide to Philosophy: Hobbes

Philosophenlexikon: Thomas Hobbes

Philosophie-Seiten: Thomas Hobbes

Naturzustand und Naturgesetz
bei Thomas Hobbes
by Patrick Horvath

Great Books Online: Hobbes

John Locke

 Biographical Info/Facts


Internet Encyclopedia: John Locke

Björn's Guide to Philosophy: John Locke

Philosophie-Seiten: John Locke John Locke

Great Books Online: Locke

G.F. Leibniz

 Biographical Info/Facts


Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
St. Andrew's University, Scotland

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
Stanford University

Leibnizian Resources
(Finnishe Page in English

Philosophie-Seiten: Leibniz

Leibniz-Archiv, Hannover Leibniz

Projekt Gutenberg: Leibniz

Great Books Online: Leibniz

Sir Isaac Newton

 Biographical Info/Facts


Sir Isaac Newton
St. Andrew's University, Scotland

Sir Isaac Newton
Lucid Cafe

Sir Isaac Newton
Page of the University of Bremen

Sir Isaac Newton

Great Books Online: Newton

David Hume

 Biographical Info/Fasts


The Hume Archives

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
David Hume

Philosophie-Seiten: David Hume David Hume

Great Books Online: Hume


 Biographical Info/Facts


Voltaire (Lucid Cafe)

Books and Writers: Voltaire

Philosophie-Seiten: Voltaire Voltaire

Great Books Online: Voltaire


 Biographical Info/Facts


Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Rousseau (Lucid Cafe)

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Rousseau Rousseau Rousseau

Great Books Online: Rousseau


 Biographical Info/Facts


Björn's Guide to Philosphy: Kant

Kant (Columbia University)

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosphy: Kant

Philosophie-Seiten: Kant Kant

Projekt Gutenberg: Kant

Great Books Online: Kant


 Vita und Fakten


Penetrating Goethe
Goethe Page by
Katherena Eiermann

Goethe - Extensive
Eglish Links-Page
on Goethe

Goethe-Page by Michael Cole

Goethe in Ilmenau

Literaturwissenschaftliche Links zu Goethe

Stiftung Weimarer Klassik
Goethe- und Schiller-Archiv

Das Goethe-Projekt

Projekt Gutenberg: Goethe

Great Books Online: Goethe


 Vita und Fakten


Books and Writers: Schiller

Schiller Page
Graphically appealing Schiller-Page
in English (Denmark)

Schiller-Nationalmuseum und Archiv
Marbach am Neckar

Schiller-Page of the Schiller-Institute, Wiesbaden Schiller

Projekt Gutenberg: Schiller


 Biographical Info/Facts


The Stories of Heinrich von Kleist

Heinrich von Kleist
(English Essay

Zeittafel des Kleist-Archivs
Sembdner, Heilbronn


Projekt Gutenberg: Kleist


 Biographical Info/Facts


Website zur Kritischen Hölderlin-Ausgabe, Bremen

Hölderlin Chronology, Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate

Projekt Gutenberg: Hölderlin

The Jena Romantic School and Novalis

 Vita und Fakten


Novalis - English Information

Friedrich von Hardenberg
(Novalis) im Internet

Ludwig Tieck, der König der Romantik

Ludwig Tieck in the Encyclopedia Britannica

Ästhet der Romantik: Friedrich Schlegel

August Wilhelm v. Schlegel: Kurzbiographie

Encyclopedic Information on A. W. Schlegel

Romantics and Romanticism on the Internet - Links Page

Deutsche Romantic im Internet - Linkseite

Die Romantische Ironie als
Übergangsform von Hegel zu Nietzsche

Projekt Gutenberg: Novalis

Projekt Gutenberg: Schelling

Projekt Gutenberg: F. Schlegel

Projekt Gutenberg: L. Tieck


 Biographical Info/Facts


Hegel Society of America,
with many Hegel-Links

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Engl. Intro. to Hegel
Private Homepage

Hegel-Institute, Berlin

Philosophie-Seiten: Hegel

Hegel-Page of the
University of Mainz

Projekt Gutenberg: Hegel

Great Books Online: Hegel


 Biographical Info/Facts


Schopenhauer-Page, German

Page of the Schopenhauer-Gesellschaft

Die Ethik Schopenhauers
und Feuerbachs
(Helmut Walther)

Schopenhauer-Archiv, Frankfurt

Bluepete Page on Schopenhauer, engl.

Projekt Gutenberg: Schopenhauer


 Biographical Info/Facts


Ludwig Feuerbach-Gesellschaft,

Feuerbach, Nietzsche u. Wagner
Helmut Walther

Bourgeois and Visionaries:
Feuerbach, Nietzsche and
Wagner - Helmut Walther



 Biographical Info/Fakts


Wagner-Links Page
of this Web Page!

Wagner-Time Table
of this Website (German).

Wagner-Time Table
of this Website (Engl.)

Nietzsche und Wagner
Helmut Walther

Nietzsche and Wagner
Helmut Walther

Projekt Gutenberg: Wagner


 Biographical Info/Facts


Charles Darwin (Lucidcafe)

Charles Darwin: Timeline

Charles Darwin: Online Resources

Deutscher Darwin-Beitrag
Medicine Worldwide

2000 Jahre
Charles Darwin

Philosophenlexikon: Darwin

Charles Darwin und die
Entstehung der Evolutionstheorie

Online Literature: Charles Darwin

Great Books Online: Darwin


Beethoven, Nietzsche and the Consequences

Thomas Mann and Nietzsche

Thomas Mann: Doktor Faustus
Seminararbeit 1995
Univ. Hannover
von Gundula Olbrich-Stahl und Henrike Wellmann

Nietzsche und Thomas Mann über Kunst und Künstlertum
mit dem Roman Doktor Faustus als Schwerpunkt
Sehr interessant und relevant!

Thomas Mann: Doctor Faustus
Bibliography of Criticism

Thomas Mann: Winner of the Nobel Prize
for Literature, 1929
Links Page

Thomas Mann Sites in English
Links Page

Allgemeine deutsche

Arnold Schönberg

Arnold Schoenberg-Center, Österreich (dt.)

Arnold Schoenberg:
Complete List of all Internet Sites

Arnold Schoenberg:
Allgemeine Deutsche Schoenberg-Seite

Hugo Wolf

Austria Composer: Hugo Wolf

Classical Music Pages: Hugo Wolf

Musikland Österreich: Hugo Wolf


After my thorough enjoyment of my work on this presentation, my thanks go, first of all, to Helmut Walther for the possibility of presenting his interesting articles via special links in order to provide the readers of this web site with a wealth of information on this topic, and also to all readers who took time to explore this presentation. We hope to be able to provide you with further interesting topics for your reading pleasure, in the near future.