Nietzsche and Beethoven
Nietzsche as Music Critic


Richard Wagner


As we already pointed out in the introduction to this section and as Helmut Walther relates in his internet articles, Nietzsche's involvement with music also extended to music criticism:  At the time of his Leipzig studies, his expertise in this area had reached such a degree that he was offered the task of reviewing music performances for a Leipzig periodical.  Most importantly, music criticism plays a vital role in the body of his work. 

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Nietzsche on Bizet und Wagner

"Nachschrift" to "Der Fall Wagner".



Since we now have some idea of what Nietzsche "was like" as music critic, those of you who read German fairly well might enjoy encountering him in quotes from his works on "our" master composer Beethoven. As usual, we offer you two links for ease of navigation: the one on the menu bar to the left and the following link below. Enjoy!

Nietzsche Quotes on Beethoven