Nietzsche and Beethoven
Beethoven, Nietzsche and the Consequences:
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After you will have read all of this material and after you might have explored some of the "Beethoven" quotes from Nietzsche's writings, you might ask yourself as to whether there still exists some particular information with respect to the issue of "Thomas Mann and Nietzsche", since, after all, this writer set out to compile this presentation from this point of departure.  To those who read German fairly well, I am pleased to be able to offer a further special link to a presentation of a speech Thomas Mann held in Munich in 1924 on the occasion of Nietzsche's 80th birthday.  In this presentation, this speech is contrasted by Mann's later comments on Nietzsche such as in his 'novel to the novel', "Die Entstehung des Doktor Faustus", and in his speech of 1947, "Deutschland und die Deutschen".  This presentation shows that in Mann, a change in his relationship to Nietzsche took place from the mid-1920's to the late 1940's, due to the events in his personal life and due to historic events.  Without further discussing this issue, it might even become clear to those who can not read this presentation, that such a change was inevitable and what the nature of this change might have been.  I wish those who want to read this presentation an interesting reading experience and would encourage those who can not do so, to explore the general links section here that will offer them other suitable opportunities to reflect on this issue.    

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Thomas Mann and Nietzsche



After those of you who read German fairly well might have found it quite interesting to take a closer look at the change in Thomas Mann's relationship to Nietzsche within two decades via the above special link to Helmut Walther's Nietzsche Website, we can still offer you interesting general links on the topic but also particular links with respect to "Beethoven, Nietzsche and the Consequences" and wish you an interesting time of exploration. As usual, you can access this last page of our presentation via two links: the one on the menu bar to the left and the one below. Enjoy!

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